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Special Journal Issue Theme : 'Change in African rainforests: past, present and future'

  • September, 2013

The journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Biological Sciences releases a special theme issue today : 

Change in African rainforests: past, present and future

Researchers from the AfriTRON consortium have contributed to the thematic issue which presents a multi-disciplinary overview of the nature and ecology of the African rainforest biome. The issue consists of 18 publications, including new analyses and syntheses examining the past history, current pressures and future threats for African rainforests.

The special issue can be found online and all abstracts are available in French here.

Media coverage of the special issue can be found on the BBC here and here.


Issue compiled and edited by Yadvinder Malhi, Stephen Adu-Bredu, Rebecca Asare, Simon Lewis and Philippe Mayaux