African Tropical Rainforest Observation Network

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The AfriTRON consortium follows internationally standardised protocols and methodologies established by sister network RAINFOR. These can be all be downloaded:


Ethical, data and publication policy

Ethical code, data sharing and publication policy


Fieldwork manuals

Plot establishment and remeasurement - revised 2021

Field sheet template for new plots (printable) - Metadata/Trees/Liana - revised 2016

Field code sheets: Trees - revised 2021

Field code sheets: Trees French - revised 2021

Field code sheets: Lianas revised 2014

Field code sheets: Lianas French - revised 2014

Liana and Canopy Index - revised 2018

Mode of death

Tree height

Wood density

Coarse woody debris protocol- version 2011

Intensive soil sampling protocol

Soil and Foliar sampling




Intensive Carbon Monitoring

Measuring tropical forest carbon allocation and cycling: RAINFOR-GEM Field Manual for Intensive Census Plots:- updated version May 2012